​​​​​Thank you so much for sending us the tomatoes! They were just perfect. Beechwood Farms tomatoes are the best!

-Ed McLean

Maitland, Florida

Dear Beechwood, 

Here are a couple of snapshots from our 2014 strawberry picking days! We made lots of trips (5+) out to the farm this past season, because our 2 year old enjoyed it so much.  I'm thankful for a place close by to create such sweet memories.  One day after picking, her daddy took her with "Uncle" Cody (Ledford) to pick up a load of corn at the back of the farm and take it to feed his cows.  Emma Jean LOVED it and talked about that experience for days.  ​Also, on a side note, I discovered that you can rent the little shed next to Beechwood for events.  We were invited to a rehearsal dinner over the summer there and were blown away at the evening.  It was lovely and peaceful, and I had no idea that the space was even there, and I've been going to Beechwood since I was a kid. Thanks, Beechwood, for all that you do to serve the community by being a place where people can come pick vegetables, but more so, where they can come create memories!

-Norie Mueller

Greenville, Sc

                        Painting of Beechwood's sunflower field by local artist Marie Scott

"Sunflower Path"- 30" x 40" oil painting- copyright Marie Scott

(About above painting and Beechwood Farms)

Wow. This is what I saw riding with Daddy in 2009 on our way to his chemo treatment.  Daddy so loved flowers as he jokingly asked, "How fast can you run?", and we slowed to enjoy the site of gigantic sunflowers.  "I can't anymore," I said, "but I'll ask the farmer (Billy), Dad, and see if we can get a few." I did call Beechwood before Dad's last birthday (7/7/09).  A large bucket arrived filled with the beauties we admired in passing that field.  Our family friend, Raymond (Jones) planted them in Daddy's garden.  I was grateful for the thoughtfulness and love Beechwood showed Daddy before his leaving us 7/27/09.  It meant a lot to Daddy, who was a long-term fan of Beechwood's wonderful fresh produce  stand/store.  Lying here this early morning, staring at this beautiful painting, I am back sitting beside my Daddy on that backwoods, winding road in his pickup truck, imagining myself running through the tall rows of gigantic sunflowers.  Thanks for reminding me through this truly wonderful work of art.


Peachie Moody Buzbee

(daughter of Joe Moody)

​Great website, Billy & Elizabeth! You two (and your children & grands) have provided so much to the community and beyond, it's amazing.  I know it's hard work and lots of anguish when the weather doesn't cooperate with your planting and harvesting, but you have persevered, and I'm happy for you.  Keep up the good work!

​-Pam Finley Griffith

I am glad that I finally came to visit last year.  I bought and canned over 200 pounds of tomatoes! Now I'm looking forward to the strawberries for strawberry jelly.

​- Rita Bell Woody

Our customers rave about our strawberry cake.  The reason is simple: those wonderful Beechwood Farms strawberries in our freezer.

-Kathy Norris

​Owner of Kathy and Company

I love the robust flavors of Beechwood's tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers. I eat them daily on my salad.  They taste so fresh, and I know they are picked with love.

​- Rima Dakhlallah

Your Family Farm
Beechwood is honored to be a part of your family, too! Here are some of your pictures and stories that you have shared with us.  

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