Beechwood Farms

Field Trip ​Plan 2:

 -All activities listed in Plan 1

- A hands-on lesson taught by a certified teacher, differentiated by grade level and state standards

-Science and Social Studies standards listed for each lesson

-link to pre- and post-lesson activities 

-gradable quiz provided for grades 1-5

-economics of farm and store tour

-view Native American artifacts found on site

Cost: $8.00/person (1 adult free for every 15 children)

​Time: 1 1/2 hours

Field Trip ​Plan 1:

 -A tour guide who provides picking instructions

- Tractor-pulled buggy ride ride to the strawberry field and back to gathering area

-Each student gets to pick his/her own quart of strawberries

-free quart of strawberries for each teacher and one chaperone per class

(all other parents and adults may purchase a container to buy their own or may buy them pre-picked in our farm store)

-Access to our small farm animal petting area and playground

-A picnic shed is available to be reserved upon request

Cost: $6.00/person (1 adult free for every 15 children)

Timeframe: 45 minutes- 1 hour